About us …

The Ventura County Interfaith Community is a community of people from a variety of religious traditions, including, Bahá’ís, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  Formed in February, 2005, the community seeks to reduce barriers to communication and foster local dialog among individuals and families of various belief traditions in VenturaCounty.

We imagine that dialog may include these goals:

    • Learning about each other’s religions
    • Exploring meditation practices of each other’s religions
    • Community involvement – i.e. supporting each other’s charitable outreaches
The Ventura County Interfaith Community proudly collaborates with Campus Interfaith.  Campus Interfaith is an affiliation of leaders and representatives from a wide variety of religious groups in Ventura County and beyond which seeks to provide spiritual support to members of Ventura County’s campus communities.

For  information about participating in this community, email us or visit our online archives.